What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (AR) is a physical view of a real-world space whose elements are augmented using technology. Simply put, augmented reality provides extra information about a real world space. Think of it as an overlay or a tool tip, sharing helpful facts about where you are. 

Why would my organization want to use AR? Any person who makes it to a brick and mortar location or a physical event has already invested heavily in learning about your product, service, or cause. This makes for a valuable, if fleeting, opportunity. Zappen’s AR toolset lets you connect with people in the moment, taking far less time than is required to find an organization’s social media page(s) or join their online email list. It’s a way to build relationships.

Do I have to use the Zappen social network in order for people to find my organization with Zappen? 
Zappen is built to aggregate content across platforms, and make it easy for new users to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other major social media platforms. We work to optimize the number of eyeballs who will see your organization’s posts—without paid advertising, on our native app and on your other social media properties.

How accurate is Zappen image recognition? The algorithm we use is designed for complex, two-dimensional images such as posters, illustrations, advertisements, and album covers. It also works with most logo designs. It is not designed for 3D image recognition or facial recognition. Within these parameters, under optimal lighting and focus conditions, our success rate is 98.3%, with a sample size of 3163 images.

How many images can Zappen visual image search handle? Our image recognition tool has been tested for search spaces of up to 500,000 images. We are working to test Zappen with image banks of 1 to 20M files and improve scalability as necessary.

When will the iOS version be available? The iPhone version of the mobile app will be available in early Spring 2017. To test the functionality of Zappen on an iOS device today, first sign up for Zappen from your browser. Then open http://zappen.co/zapp  on your iPhone.

What features will you be adding to the next release of Zappen? We are constantly adding new features. Got an idea? Submit your suggestions and feedback via our Support page.