Visual Domains

  Building the Visual Internet

Introducing Visual Domains

The Internet used to be made of words. Now, images are more important than ever. Every website has a unique domain name that is part of a global domain name system (DNS) that lets you know how to reach it. Our Visual Domain Name System (VDNS) works as a complement to the original DNS. It’s getting harder and harder to find the perfect domain name. Why not use an image to represent you online?

A  Visual Domain is exactly what it sounds like. It is a unique, registered image that points to a specific text-based domain name, web link (URL), application interface, or to an organization’s social media.

Visual Domain images may be logos, signs and posters, photographs, emoji, or custom consumer packaging. Every visual domain image is tested for uniqueness and recognizability prior to completing registration. If the image you want has already been registered, we are able to generate a unique composite image which can be used in its place. Visual Domains are more easily and accurately scannable than QR codes, and also protect mobile phone users against fraud

The Visual Domain Registration protocol will be available early next year.

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